Pontiac Firefly AKA 'The Electrafly' conversion from ICE to 132V DC Electric
Colin J McCubbin.© 2008/2018 ( Click on any thumbnail to enlarge it. )
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Here's the Hall Effect sensor, fitted by the manufacturer in a threaded tube. I need to mount it on my new motor mount next.

From evparts.com Item 1N2551.

Motor mount after welding.

Motor mount painted.

Test fit front bumper. It fouls the tow bar, so rather than cut the freshly painted bumper, I'll drop the towbar mountings.

Front bumper with tow bar supported under it.

Modified tow bar mounting bracket. Template in 1/8" hardboard. Will be 1/4" steel.

Modified tow bar mounting bracket. Template shown fitting towbar mounting flange. The part marked waste will be cut off.


Note the masking tape over the holes on top of the motor. After dropping a nut into one of the holes, (luckily a magnet got it back out) I realized that no way should they be left open while working on the car.

I'll take the tape off before finishing up. (If I remember ;-)

Rear Calipers. I bought the back end of a Suzuki Swift GT which had discs on the rear. These rebuilt calipers are harder to find than hen's teeth!

Should make her stop a bit better when the drums are replaced.

New location for the Vacuum resevoir, since it won't fit as planned due to the revised engine mount.

There are two vac switches, one set to just 2" is in parallel with the hand brake switch and low brake fluid switches. (All of which ground when activated) They all illuminate the brake warning light in the dash when activated.

The other set at 22" of vacuum switches on the Vacuum pump via a relay.


Vac pump and new motor mount. Relay hidden by vac hoses.

Morning... Time to refit the dash and modified instrument cluster.


Modified instrument cluster. Aux amps gauge on right, aux volts gauge on left.

Dash and all wiring except fitting stereo finished.

Actually I still have the Link 10, and a vac (brake) gauge to fit somewhere.


Rear Battery box.

Rear Battery box.

Manzanita 20 and DC-DC converter mounted on box lid.

The relays at the top left are for when the car is towed. The normal car wiring runs to the rear lights through the C-NC relay contacts (C to lights, NC from switches.). When towed the tow vehicle only supplies 12V to the relay coil(s), (thus not loading the tow vehicle's electric circuits) which switches the relevent light relay's contacts to the NO position which is connected to the car's 12V aux battery.
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